The following is our charter request Mission Statement:

Our purpose in applying for this charter is more so pointed towards the mentoring needs of the local area, specifically St. Johns, Flagler, Clay and Putnam Counties. A sizable number of Omega Men both financial and others in need of being reclaimed live in these counties and have articulated the importance of affiliating with a local chapter. Some these same brothers have not been financial for more than thirty years. However, as brothers would randomly meet other brothers and begin sharing the idea of chartering a new chapter, a great deal of interest and enthusiasm was sparked. So, with that, there is the real possibility that a local chapter in this area would possibly have upwards of fifty brothers in total initially affiliated. 

Another very important reason why a chapter presence is needed, the young black men in these areas (as well as others) need to have available examples of what positive black men exhibit. We, as positive role models need to be seen and not just heard or talked about. Exemplifying Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift are not just principles we share, but standards of behavior necessary to lead and to guide. 

Each brother has individually been involved in their own personal/community outreach endeavors, but as a group we have not officially engaged in any organized activities. One hope is that while engaging in the fraternity’s community action initiatives in each of the four counties we serve, we would also seek out additional opportunities when available to serve and show a presence. The surrounding chapters to our north, west and south have their areas they each serve but trying to be engaged in those areas would put an undue burden and missed opportunities for brothers wanting to have an active presence in their own communities. A chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. if established here locally would be a tremendous asset, able to serve and ultimately be the difference in the lives of many of our young black men. 

Prayerfully once granted, we will…

                                    ...our charter was established January 23, 2015

Charter Members

Aaron Dwayne Hamlett

Edward B. Dunmore
(Tau Sigma)

Derrick Hamilton
(Theta Alpha)

Micheal Cooper
(Chi Gamma Gamma)

Ernst Beliard
(Chi Theta)

Rashid Brittain
(Chi Theta)

Terrill L. Hill

Kenneth J. Jones, II
(Upsilon Phi)

Darrell Johnson

A. Fuquan Moran
(Gamma Sigma)

Vincent Gooch
(Theta Phi)

Coty Tuggle IV
(Phi Lambda)

J. Randy Johnson
(Lambda Epsilon)

Tony M. Terrell
(Sigma Phi)

Edward Williams
(Chi Tau) 

Anthony K. Wilson, Sr.
(Mu Alpha)

Luke Jackson
(Xi Gamma Gamma)

Terrence Hastings
(Theta Phi)

Tracey D. Porter
(Tau Rho)

Robert H. Younge II
(Mu Chi)